Group Introduction

ATIF Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: ATIF) is a comprehensive international service group integrating business, media, and financial consulting services. Relies on a professional service team, rich practical experience, extensive social relations, and international integrated professional services, ATIF provides Asian companies with international listing compliance services, international financial consulting services and film and television media services. ATIF was established in 2015 and successively set up offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and California, USA. At present, ATIF has incubated dozens of companies to successfully land in the US capital market through IPO, RTO, M&A and SPAC.

Leaping Group Co., Ltd.

Leaping Group Co., Ltd.(LGC), a subsidiary of ATIF Holdings Limited, was founded in 2013. It is a comprehensive media planning and operation company. It is the largest cinema advertising operator in the three northeastern provinces and a leading brand in the film and television culture industry in the Northeast. It provides multimedia advertising for companies in Asia., Commercial performance roadshow event planning, commercial video and film and television program production and movie theater operation services. LGC Film Advertising Media covers 85% of the market share in Liaoning and Heilongjiang Provinces. It operates 4 international cinemas, owns original film and television drama IP, and has served more than 400 customers, including COFCO Real Estate, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Vanke Group, Evergrande Group, FAW Toyota and other top 500 companies in China and the world.

Multi-channel Advertising

LGC is the exclusive agent of Wanda Cinemas in Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces. It has reached a strategic cooperation with Focus Group as the exclusive agent of Liaoning province film advertising, CGV/Jin Yi/Jiao Lai Jackie Chan/Lu Mainstream advertising in cities such as Miai Studios/Mega Studios.

Movie Theater Operation

LGC invests in, operates and manages the top movie theaters in the Northeast region, and has its own movie theater media platform.

Film and TV Program Production

LGC keeps abreast of the pulse of the current film market, distributes popular domestic and international film and television works, and invests in its own original IP film and television series.

Event Planning and Execution

LGC has the most professional public relations marketing team to provide customers with the most complete and reliable brand services.

IPOEX Introduction

IPOEX platform is an investment and financing incubation service platform for ready-to-list companies that is invested and operated by ATIF Holdings Limited.

IPOEX platform is committed to creating a unique and authoritative integrated service platform for corporate listing and incubation. IPOEX platform plays a role in regulating operations, fostering development, financing docking, incubating and guiding listing of member companies in capital markets home and abroad. IPOEX platform enables member companies to become ready-to-list companies, so that they can grow bigger through the power of capital.

IPOEX platform adheres to the development concept of professional,market - oriented and international, integrating globalized international capital and full-service agencies. IPOEX platform adheres to the principle of justice,fairness,and openness , follows market self-discipline standards, and strengthens the supervision of information disclosure, providing diversified professional services for growing and innovative companies, and high-quality, open and transparent diversified equity investment information services for professional investors worldwide.

IPOEX platform is based on authoritative member company information display, and provides member companies with a comprehensive series of overseas equity structures, standardized laws, asset evaluation systems, international financial standards and other services, and requires member companies to disclose information in accordance with ready-to-list companies. IPOEX platform provides high-quality corporate M&A projects for many overseas listed companies, and also lays the foundation for member companies to enter the capital market in the future.

Our History

After completing the acquisition of Leaping Group Co., Ltd. in April, 2020, ATIF launched the 5G & AI Information Distribution Platform; in July, 2020, ATIF established a new headquarters in California to fully expand the North American market. ATIF also invested and became a major shareholder of ACY, a company listed on the AMEX.
IPO was completed in May, 2020 and successfully listed in Nasdaq. In the same year, ATIF won the Golden Bauhinia Award the Best Listed Company
An international financial consulting center was established in Shenzhen, and CNNM website was acquired to provide media services. In the same year, the company officially launched an IPO plan to go public in the United States.
Became one of China's influential international listing service organization with its brand value significantly improved.
Carried out business promotion across China and developed rapidly through holding nearly a hundred forums and lectures on international listing and establishing long-term cooperative relations with chambers of commerce, associations, and organizations in various regions across China.
Officially launched the compliance service business for Chinese companies to go public internationally


Through the media perspective, we record every important milestone in the development of ATIF with every step of growth and joy.

Group Business

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Investment and Financing Due Diligence Services
Corporate Assets M&A and Restructuring Services

Film and Television Media Business

Multi-channel Advertising
Movie Theater Operation
Film and TV Program Production
Event Planning and Execution

IPOEX platform

Company information display
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IPO classroom
Massive investment database
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