Position Release time
Sales Director 2020-08-01

Job Responsibilities

1. Fully responsible for the implementation and execution of the project team’s performance goals and plans, and regularly organize and convene project progress meetings to lead the advancement.
2. Responsible department The daily management, guidance and supervision of personnel, and the report object is the business president.
3. Responsible for the business project docking, implementation rules, work flow and payment of the project contract.
4. Responsible for the project team Team formation, business training, process assessment and other related work.
5. Responsible for leading project team members to complete performance indicators, and business docking in project services.
Node.js R&D Engineer 2020-07-14

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the design and development of Blued server
2. Responsible for research work related to product upgrades and perfect functions


1.2 years of experience in Node.js medium and large Internet product development and maintenance
2. Familiar with MySQL database, have excellent database design capabilities, and have a relatively deep understanding of the basic theory of the database and its internal implementation mechanism
3. Familiar with the configuration and maintenance of common Web Server (Apache/Lighttpd/Nginx)
4. Love the Internet, have a strong interest in exploring unknown areas, Excellent problem analysis and problem-solving ability, practical, hardworking passion, keen and comprehensive The insight, clear and meticulous logical thinking ability, and independent analysis and research ability have excellent communication, collaboration, promotion ability and good teamwork spirit, and can accurately grasp the needs of users.

The following experience is preferred:

1. Proficient in C/C++ is preferred.
2. Familiar with Nginx module development and Node.js C/C++ module development experience is preferred.
3. Those with rich NoSQL experience are preferred. Those with mobile product-related research and development experience are preferred.
4. R&D experience related to instant messaging is preferred.

Priority employment conditions

Product Operation 2020-05-20

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist COO in building growth, promotion, user, social, and data operation teams
2. Improve the company's e-commerce APP platform GMV
3. Improve User ARUP value, responsible for formulating different user operation mechanisms such as APP user circle and membership system according to various operation and customer service data
4. Marketing promotion: According to monthly, quarterly, and annual goals, formulate targeted and creative marketing Strategies and promotion plans, formulate implementation rules, supervise and implement, evaluate the effects of marketing customs clearance, and control costs through refined operations.
5. APP promotion channel expansion 6. Real-time grasp of domestic and foreign e-commerce trends, and put forward proposals for the market environment Effective marketing strategy

Job requirements

Bachelor degree or above, English pass, additional points for marketing major
More than 3 years of e-commerce operation experience overseas (work, study, settlement) experience preferred to be good at user operation Marketing experience is preferred
Marketing 2020-08-15

Job Responsibilities

1. Organize group exchange activities for strategic key customers of the group;
2. Coordinate the marketing work of colleges and universities at the group level, such as college promotion experience research, Integration of college promotion programs, etc.;
3. Integration of cross-departmental solutions to form industry-oriented key customer solutions;
4. Coordinate the standardization of marketing materials for group products and solutions;
5, Other related jobs and temporary jobs arranged by superiors.


1. Educational requirements: full-time college degree or above, marketing, surveying and mapping geographic information or management majors are preferred;
2, experience Requirements: 2 years or more of work experience, marketing experience in colleges and universities is preferred;
3. Other requirements: proficient office software operation skills; excellent communication skills, organization and coordination skills, and learning skills; strong resistance to pressure Ability and work initiative; have a good affinity.

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