NFT Compliance Services

Giving a unique and distinctive digital asset value to each digital artwork, digital ticket and other property rights, the NFT listing will greatly enhance the value liquidity of digital assets and realize the investment and value-added services of cultural artworks.

NFT Market Introduction

Founded in 2018, OpenSea is a blockchain-based global marketplace for buying and selling digital items, currently one of the first to emerge and the largest, with not only the largest number of NFT categories, but also the largest number of participants

The biggest highlight of the Apenft platform is the NFT of realistic world-class collectibles, and the second biggest feature is their issuance of platform tokens NFT,which went live on the Firecoin exchange.

Nifty Gateway is an extremely active and innovative platform. With a focus on art as its market, it typically works with big-name brands, athletes and creators, and on strength is a landmark platform for multi-million dollar auction NFT sales and is one of the best places to find limited edition NFTs

Founded in 2016, MakersPlace is extremely strict about the quality of its crypto artwork and is currently by invitation only.MakersPlace generates a blockchain fingerprint for each NFT work by artists and creators to prove the origin and identity of the work and make it a symbol of the artwork's uniqueness. Even if the work is copied, there will be no authentic version of the original signature

Foundation is an invite-only NFT art platform where only invited artists' work can be shelved. foundation invites 50 artists to the platform and then gives those artists 2 invitation codes, and when a resident creator successfully sells an original work on the platform he or she is given two invitation slots to invite new people

KnownOrigin is an established crypto art platform and an artist-driven platform that aims to provide a convenient platform for digital creators to easily validate, display and sell the artwork and collectibles they produce. The platform mostly focuses on rare digital artwork NFT

VIV3 is the first integrated NFT marketplace on the recently mega-hit underlying platform, and one of its most notable features is composability. On VIV3, all works of each creator are cast by their own blockchain smart contracts.

Rarible is a platform with richer categories such as books, digital art, movie and music albums, photos, domains, music, meme, games, etc. Users own the ownership of the tokens as well as the intellectual property, and buyers and sellers can trade collectibles on the Rarible NFT marketplace at a very low cost, friendly to newcomers!

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NFT Compliance Services

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