ATIF's NFT Auction Platform Internal Operation Proceeds to Alpha Testing Stage


LOS ANGELESJan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ATIF Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: ATIF, the "Company" or "ATIF"), a holding group providing business and financial consulting in Asia and North America, announced that the internal tests shows that its NFT art auction platform has been performing smoothly and has entered the alpha testing phase which are currently testing and evaluating the quality of the software and readiness for beta testing.


Alpha tests are performed by developers in a virtual lab environment to ensure reliability, security, functionality, and usability. Quality assurance will be the top priority to ensure future customer satisfaction when beta testing occurs. 

ATIF's NFT platform, once launched, will provide an efficient and secure auction and trading marketplace for digital art assets, ensuring the scarcity and originality of NFT works. There will be a series of digital products on the marketplace, including but not limited to digital artworks, collectibles, digital signatures of celebrities and personal creations.

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