ATIF’s NFT Auction Platform Proceeds to Beta Testing Stage


Los Angeles, February 14, 2022 (NEWSWIRE) -- ATIF Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: ATIF, the “Company” or “ATIF”), a holding group providing business and financial consulting in Asia and North America, announced that the internal tests and user feedback from the Alpha testing phase of its NFT platform has have been successful. The NFT platform has been optimized for a larger user base and has entered the beta testing phase. The product and development team will then evaluate public user feedback to further improve its UI (user interface), functionality, and security. 


Beta tests are performed by developers in a real environment to ensure that the product is satisfactory for the customer. Customer satisfaction will be the top priority during the beta test as it will create real-world scenarios that the development team can use to further improve the platform upon its main launch. 

ATIF's NFT platform, during this beta testing phase, will provide an efficient and secure auction and trading marketplace for digital art assets. Currently, users will be able to explore collections, buy and sell their NFT’s on the platform using the cryptocurrency Ethereum on

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