If your company has these problems, IPOEX platform will help you solve them

Willing to go public, but does not meet the listing requirements
With a certain scale of business, but lack of funds for expansion
With an innovative model, but lack of media promotion
Willing to use the power of the capital market to expand the scale
Willing to improve the operation, standardization and management of the enterprise
Planing to expand international business to enhance international reputation

What is the IPOEX platform?

Enterprise listing and incubation integrated service platform

For member companies to be listed on the domestic and foreign capital markets to play a role in regulating operations, cultivating development, incubating and guiding listing, so that member companies can become ready-to-list companies, so that they can become larger in scale through the power of capital

Information release and financing link channel platform

Provide a massive investment database for member companies to view popular projects and investment trends in real time, so that member companies can focus on the value of effectiveness!

Financial online learning guidance platform

Gathering a strong team of experts in the industry, interpret the global capital market, IPOEX provide member companies with professional knowledge of international capital, so that entrepreneurs have the basic capabilities of financial thinking and capital operation, so that companies can embark on an international listing the way.

Global IR Media Service Platform

Relying on ATIF's global media network resources, we provide enterprises with one-stop media service solutions, from influential ATIF Interviews, global press releases, content planning and production, visualized commercial videos to tailor-made Foreign media invitations, etc.

IPOEX Advantage

Team of Experts

The top-level professional team at home and abroad, with rich practical experience in listing.

International Perspective

Connect the global capital market and create a high-quality service platform with value.

Quality Service

Provide efficient, global integrated and high-quality corporate services for member companies.

Leading Concept

IPOEX platform combines Internet and financial innovation concepts, and unique industry dynamic analysis technology.

Core resources

With a number of international cooperation agencies, IPOEX provides member companies with global investment agency docking resources.

The value of membership

Find investors quickly

Quick search for investors

Break through the growth bottleneck

Enhance enterprise strength

Get long-term investment

Breakthrough growth Bottleneck

Enhance corporate strength

Realize the dream of going public

Realize the dream of going public

Access to long-term investment

Realize corporate value

Realize enterprise value

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